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Kansas City Document Scanning

If you are looking to convert your paper documents and records to a digital format, we can help. Kansas City Document Scanning specializes in affordable, high-quality document scanning solutions at your office or at a premier conversion facility. Our services include document scanning, microfiche scanning, microfilm scanning, medical records digitizing, digital imaging, cloud storage and off site records storage. We will help make your office a paperless one.

Who We Are

Kansas City Document Scanning has extensive experience in all types of data conversion projects We have a highly skilled staff and multiple facilities that offer competitive pricing. We specializes in scanning jobs of over 10,000 images. We would like the opportunity to talk with you about your project and provide you with a free estimate.  By choosing us to do your digital conversion, you can sleep at night knowing the job will be done correctly and delivered on time.

Easy access to all your documents and significant savings in time and money. A whole file cabinet of documents can fit on only one disk. Companies who scan their documents to a digital format can find the right information at the right time. Employee’s become more productive and make better decisions when they have all the documents they need at their fingertips. You can also maintain security over the documents by managing who has access and then monitoring when they are accessed.

To learn more about the services offered by Kansas City Document Scanning, just give us a call at (816) 533-8030 or request a FREE quote today.

Available Services at Kansas City Document Scanning


From traditional documents to microfiche/microfilm and large-format scanning, we handle all forms of data conversion.


With secure Kansas City record storage facilities, save precious office space used for storing documents in-house while keeping them safe and secure in climate-controlled environments.

Medical Records Scanning & Storage

Specialized scanning solutions for healthcare and medical records. Scan medical records to cut down paper storage costs, and provide protection from theft or misplacement.

Paperless Office Conversion

Easily access and manage your digital documents while saving money used for document storage using an electronic document management system (EDMS).